Hey guys!   Happy Fri-Yay to you all!   I thought I would put a picture of my favorite WIP (work in progress) that I have going on right now.. I started a mitered square blankie a long time ago, and I honestly have had an on again off again love affair with this project, LOL…  I have been on again for a few weeks now, and I am loving having that instant gratification of having a cute, perfect little square done and on the blanket.   I am only using the yarn minis that I have one time a piece in this blanket, so it will take a lot of yarn for me to finish, LOL  (good thing I am an Indy dyer!)   tonite I put on a few from my stash, and they were all Cuppycake Yarnz… (plug plug)  I actually added some of the 7 dwarves minis that I dyed up for my club tonite..  I am going to be adding some Gnome Acres halloween minis that I had from last year this weekend.   I think it will be a great project to bring to the hospital when I go on Monday, something I don’t need to read a pattern for, it is small so I can do it in bursts, and it is in a little bag… I actually don’t do it like the true pattern calls for.  I make the squares and then attach them all on separate so I don’t need to be lugging around the blanket with me..  It is pretty wide, when done it will fit on the bed, and we have a queen… So I have the width of it done, I just need to start completing rows, LOL     I like to attach the squares By sewing them in because I can monitor where all of the colors are going, if i make 4 pink ones in a night they don’t all have to go in one spot, I can just attach them wherever…   it works for me, and you cannot tell the difference so that makes me happy as a clam…

Want the pattern?   here it is..

Want some awesome yarnz?  you can find my shop Cuppycake Yarnz HERE

What are you guys working on?   Are you doing christmas knitting this year????

Love and hugs until we see each other again…



Plan with me…

Hey guys!  Welcome back!   I have been MIA for so long.. So many changes here on the homestead, but I am back in the saddle so to say…   This week my planner is after the pen, so sorry I didn’t take a picture before I wrote in it..  But hey!  you can spy on whats going on with us, LOL…  This week I used the Hello Sea kit by Libbie & Co..  the entire week is solely her kit… I adore her stuff!  I actually got this one when she had her huge sale and got rid of a lot of her older stock as she is switching sheets around etc.   I adore her stickers because I swear there isn’t a better valu out there…      So show me, what is in your planner this week???


book nook

I swear I will do better at this, LOL it seems that I have been away for a long while.  I know I have mentioned the whole surgery thing.  Well I had the surgery in March and I am still recovering.  I NEVER thought that it would honestly take this long, and the hardest aspect of everything for me has been the emotional, mental bit.  I am so hard on myself, and just honestly feel so worthless all the time.  You might be asking why?  Well I cannot walk, so I am not able to get around my house, town etc and I am a SAHM.  I am not able to take care of my two awesome kids, my pets, the home or my devoted husband.  It has taken it’s toll, so I have been away…  HUGE SIGH  but I am here now, so shall we talk about some books instead of a huge ass pity party for myself???

The first book up is part of a series that I have talked about before, I do believe it was the last book nook that I did.  It is part of the Tea Rose series.  I love this series, Jennifer Donnelly is a great writer, and this series is nothing like her best seller A Northern Light.  With that said the series has 3 books, and they are all well over 700 pages a piece, so it is quite an undertaking.  LOL!  I have actually finished the series so I will talk about them both, but on their own as they do go together, but each can stand on it;s own as well if that even makes sense.  This one is book 2 of 3 and it is called the Winter Rose.


This novel starts in 1900, and the main character of this one is a young woman, India.  She is graduating medical school as a Doctor. India does come from a family of class, and money, but she has turned her back on the money to follow her heart and do what she loves.  We see  India graduating from the London School of Medicine for Women,  against the many opinions of her professors she does set out to start working at a clinic in the city’s poorest area in East London.   Her life’s ambition is to help those that are not able to hep themselves.  She is trying to do everything in her power to make a difference.   It is on these dark and grim streets that India comes to meet Sid Malone.  India not only meets Sid, but she does save his life.  Sid Malone is one of London’s most dangerous and notorious gangsters.  You will see how Donnelly has painted Sid Malone as a hard, wounded man.   Malone is the opposite of India’s aristocratic fiancé, Freddie Lytton, a rising star in the House of Commons.Though Malone represents all she despises, India finds herself unwillingly drawn ever closer to him, intrigued by his hidden, mysterious past.   India tries to fight her feelings for SId, as he tries to hide from her, fighting with everything he has to not fall in love with India.  He does not want to drag India into his life.  He is not proud of what he does, but it is all he knows.  I have to say that this one is my favorite out of the three in the series.  Some have said that this is a predictable book, but alas I have to disagree.  I was on the edge of my seat, turning pages well into the wee early morning hours hoping to find out more.   I do love how the characters from the first book are also in this book, just as lesser characters.  There are so many story lines in this novel and I cannot go into them without giving too much away.  What did I enjoy the most?  I love how Donnelly brings her characters and scenery to life.  I like how she finds the least likely option of the story point and uses that, and not always what you want or expect.  What did I like least? Freddie.  I hated his character, hated what he did throughout, LOL  He is the villian of the book and I know that Donnelly has made him to be this way so kudos to her.  I just didn’t like some of his parts, they were a little wordy and I just didn’t like that he had to say. With that said, get all three, rad them, and you will not be disappointed at all. 

I give this one of the series an A-  It is my favorite of the three


I have to say I was stuck on this book for awhile.  I liked it, please do not think that I didn’t, but out of the three this one is my least favorite one.  I think that is because I really hated the main character Willa.  I just thought she was a dramatic, spoiled, and very self serving.  She is not the villian at all, and I really do not think that Donnelly intended her to come of as a spoiled brat, but to me she did.  This made it hard to get into this book.  With that said this was a great conclusion to the series, alls I can say is wow.  I will try to give you a brief overview without totally giving the main twists away.

The Wild Rose takes place a few years after The Winter Rose.  In this one you see Seamus Finnegan as a famous explorer. After an accident on Kilimanjaro that leaves his friend and love, Willa Alden hurt physically and emotionally, he must try to pick up the pieces of his life and try and move on. A decision that he made on WIlla’s behalf has her fleeing for Tibet, and leaving her love, and her family.  Seamus has no idea where she went to, and is left holding the ball so to speak.  He returns to London, and he is the one that has to tell her family of the accident, and the decision he made for Willa.  He is also left telling them she ran away, and has no idea where to.  Just like in the other books you will see what is going on with other members of the Finnegan and Bristow family. Fiona still has her tea empire, supports local charities, fights for women’s right to vote she is also taking care of her family. Joe is still trying to change the world through politics to help the poor on the east end. Their eldest, Katie shows a political and journalistic bent to fight for the sufferage movement and sets the way to becoming the first female MP.   I love that Donnelly has kept true to the History of everything.  he love of History really shines in this novel. 

Seamus meets a really great girl and he knows she would make the perfect wife.  He knows that he is not going to see Willa ever again as it has been years and he has not seen or heard from her, so you see him trying to force himself to try and fall in love. He really does care for her, but he doesn’t love her like he did Willa, but you will see the two marry out of necessity and try to make a go at life together. Just as they tie the knot a funeral brings Willa into Seamus and Jenny’s life.   War is upon them, and Seamus goes off to war in the Navy.  Through hard work, dedication, bravery and sheer luck he does become a naval captain, but he is away from his new found family for years.

The book covers many years.  This is really different than the others, they didn’t span this many years.  The book carries us through the war, coming home, spies, intrigue, dishonesty, affairs and heroism.   It is a great historical read, she does a great job carrying that through this novel.

What did I like?  I like how this one shows more of the other characters.  I love seeing how their lives are bumping along, and how they are all tied to one another.  What did I not like? Willa.  I also didnt like the unfaithfulness.  I cannot say enough how great this series is.  Really try them out, you will not be let down.

I give this one a B.  I had a hard time getting into this one, but harder to put it down once I was into it.

Adult coloring books in my book nook???

Hey guys…  Ok there is a new craze going on right now and it is coloring.  Not in your average cartoon themed coloring book, but these new coloring books that are for adults.  They have zentangle like designs, and itty bitty spaces where you color.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well because I jumped on the band wagon!  It is no secret that I had major surgery in March.  I have been immobile since then, and I have to say that I am suffering more from my own thoughts.  I am an avid journaler, so I do journal, but I cannot help but feel so useless right now.  Just think, you want to hop up to answer the door, cook a meal or even go to the potty room, and bam! you can’t walk.  OUCH…  Not fun. I am down mentally and physically.  Graham my awesome hubby is awesome.  He has picked up all of my duties as well as the full time job he has with the Army Audit agency.  Talk about super man, he does it all, including taking care of the kids.   (praise for Graham! ye-haw) Well I decided to get back to doing my zentangles, as well as the new coloring kick.  It honestly does help.  I get a few minutes to myself where I am creating something, not just being a drain on the kids or my family.  The book that I picked up is called Creative Therapy an anti stress coloring book.  I like this one because it is half coloring, and then in the back it is a doodle page.  You can finish in, and add to the zentangles they have on the pages.  I think everyone should take a minute and invest in their happiness.  Try it out, let me know what you think!  I will share a few pictures of the book, and some of what I have been doing.


The book itself came from Barnes and Noble.  It is hard cover, so I like that as it makes it easier to color, and it will not fold or crease in a bag or in my craft cart.  I paid $15.00 for the book at the book store, but you can find it on amazon too.  I suggest going to Amazon.com because it is a Prime item so no shipping if you are a Prime member, and the book is only $10.91, what a deal!  The book is 124 pages to color.  While in the book you will see 62 pages with illustrations printed front and back of each page. The book is printed on heavy weight paper, it is bright white and black for the areas you color, and the back grounds are bright vivid colors, so once the pages are colored you have something frame worthy.  As far as the doodle pages go you can expect to see 32 Illustrations that you to complete with your own doodling. The book is a beautiful book, the cover is thick heavy weight cardboard, the book measures in at 11 ¾ inches by 8 ¼ inches and it is ¾ of an inch thick.  On a side note The company has two books that I know of actually.  The other book is the same style, as it is hard cover and it is called color therapy.  I haven’t seen that one, but I can imagine it probably doesn’t have the doodling section.  The color therapy is also a Prime item so you can get free shipping on it, this one rings in at $11.82.

Here are some pages from the inside so you can have an idea of what I am describing…

IMG_8547[1] IMG_8548[1] IMG_8549[1] IMG_8550[1]

The doodle pages are super fun too, but I do have one complaint.  I do not like that some of the pages have doodles on them that are colored, so I feel it locks you into a color theme before you even start.  If that is all I have to complain about I guess I am doing just fine huh?


Here is a page I colored as well as a page I am doodling.  I adore turtles, so that page had me smiling the entire time.  The doodling page I just started, but you can get an idea of how those pages work too.

11036527_10152872562142610_8450276429658012551_nIMG_8554[1]  IMG_8555[1]

Want the book?  You can grab it on Amazon.  Clicky here for a zoom thru cyber space directly to the book.  I hope you guys are doing great.  If anyone else has started coloring let me know, I would love to see what you are up to!

Come Plan with me..

Hi guys!  So Happy to see you here.  I know I have not put up many blogs lately, but I have had some sleep issues.  I swear I have non 24, that sleep cycle disorder where your body is all out of whack, LOL  so up all night sleep during the day, but only a few hours here and there.  So I have been grouchy and not in the mood to write, LOL  needless to say I am so so so sorry.  Here is some planner goodness for you guys.


I love the fourth of July.  It is my absolute favorite holiday, so I was so excited to use my cute red white and blue goodies.  I will post my July calendar page too.  I did not do this week in my work planner, I did not have much to do as I am on medical leave, SNORT..  I should be up and dying yarn full time in a month or so.  This non walking makes everything so hard…  Ok here we go, the week in review.

 IMG_7965[1] IMG_7966[1]

This week is so fun!  Let’s dive in and see where everything came from, and the thoughts I had on the products I used this week.  Washi.  I adore washi and I have a bazillion rolls, lol.  Is there a 12 step program for washi and sticker addiction?  The Blue washi and the red dots are from AC Moore.  I bought a patiotic set from them.  I got it last year on a super sale so I am not sure if they still have these in stores. You guys have probably noticed I like to use a lot of thin washi.  The majority of mine are made by MT.  I like MT a lot, the tapes sticks nice, you can reposition them and they will not rip.  They have a lot of colors and some of the thin washi with designs.   Next is stickers.  I LOVE this set.  I got the stickers from The Sticky Llama.  I know I have shown you guys some of her other stickers because I use her a lot.  There is a reason for that, she is the bomb.  Simple as that, LOL You can find her on Etsy.   The sticky llama on etsy.   The only sticker that did not come from her shop is the wording, 4th of july..

IMG_7968[1] IMG_7967[1]

Here is a close up of some of the cuteness.  My clips make me smile, LOL  I made the top hat, but hte watermelon was s freebie that I got from Dee’s Doxie Designs.  She is on etsy, and like I have said a million times before she will always do custom work, and her shipping is so fast, even with a custom order.  You can find her shop here.


Here is my monthly spread for July.  The stickers were ones that I printed off here at home.  I found the printable on Pinterest, and I went back to grab the link and she deleted her blog, so unfortunately I cannot share that with you.

So there you have it my week and the month of July. What is in your planner??

Get your Geek on! it is Loot Crate time!

My boys absolutely LOVE getting Loot Crate..  This one is for guys and girls all the same.  Love geekery?  Try it out…  You can see the video of the unboxing on our youtube channel..  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE UNBOXING


The theme for this month was unite.  This was a pretty cool box, and my boys were pretty happy with what was included this month.. So you want in on the fun?  GO HERE AND SIGN UP.    Loot crate is a monthly subscription box, and it is a blind box, meaning its a surprise as to what you will be getting..  It is themed though, geekery, gamer, fantasy fun stuff…

The Cost: $13.95 plus $6 shipping a month

The Products: 6-8 epic products curated towards the theme of the month

Ok here we go…  The theme was Unite, and to start they send a little mini mag every month and a pin that states the theme of the month..  Jake loves the pins each month..

loot-crate-may-2015-unite 10989117_10152772969692610_8450902626407860442_n

So cool this month was an exclusive T-shirt from Flophouse.  It is cool cause it is an exclusive but I think we have had three shirts in a row now, way to go lootcrate!   Not sure of the value of the shirt as it is an exclusive, so I will say $28 I pulled the prices of their other custom shirts…  this one is 100% heavy cotton and Jake stole it..  It is a ranger afterall, LOL


Next up there was a puzzle in a box.  It is Rick and Morty exclusive puzzle for Loot Crate.  Loot Crate is awesome in the way that you always seem to get items that are exclusive to the box. I am not too sure who in the heck these people are but the boys seemed to know that it is a show that is on Adult swim?  yeah I am clueless, LOL  value of the puzzle approx 8$


They included a 4 pin set this month by Team Fortress 2.  Many don’t like pins, but in this house they are pretty welcomed because Jake collects them.  I think Mini me is going to steal the unicorn away though.. again, another Loot Crate Exclusive. Pins are worth about $5

There was a car decal in the mix this month, I think that it will go on the back of someones laptop in the house.  It is an avengers cling..  I couldn’t find the exact one so I figured the value to be about $4


This month they included a Loot Crate exclusive Mad Magazine.  It isn’t the full size, but exclusive to Loot Crate and the theme of the box so that makes it a pretty awesome find.  Est value 3$


There was an exclusive comic int he box, I have no idea who or what it is about as I am clueless when it comes to comics, but Jake seemed to know who this was.  It is another exclusive, and it is #1  Bravest Warrior Comic with Loot Crate Exclusive cover.  value is $4


There was a funny item in here, it is a Marvel Ice cube tray.  $10  i think it would be great for chocolates or jello as well, it is super fun and a great way to start summer..  Only complaint is it doesn’t make many cubes..


There was a set of laces in this box too.. You cant see the print so well, we got the colored version, which is great Jake will use these.  Some boxes got the grey version $7


All in all we love Loot Crate.  I actually pay for this one, it isn’t sent to me for review so I can honestly say that it is a great value, and something the guys get really excited to get in the mail.  I just bought them the year subscription so we can save a bit of money.   Ok so this month was coming in at a value of about 69$ and you only pay 19.00 with the shipping..  It is a great deal..

It’s planner Wednesday kids!!!

Wow time has gotten away from me, again I am posting late wednesday night, EEEEK!  The end of the school year is here so we are busy with SOL testing, year end activities, and Skye is now on a new Competitive cheer team and that is keeping us pretty busy, so I apologize with all my heart for being tardy to the party again, LOL   Shall we just dive right in?  I will do my family planner first and then we will check out my business planner, kinda like last week  🙂

11423626_10152771417532610_368686242420133491_n 11392801_10152771417537610_4713493670528430254_n 11351187_10152771413577610_5518580100478855280_n

This week i used my Donut Shop stickers that I got from Caress Press..  It is a cute little shop on Etsy.  You can find her by clicking HERE.   I Did use a few stickers that I got from some Planner swaps, Like the hello kitty, and the washi is tape that I bought from Japan on ALIexpress.    I have to say that the clips I am using this week are some of my favorites,  I think I have 5 from her now (SHHHH I just ordered 2 more)  Her shop is also on Etsy.  Dees Doxie Designs.  OMG be ready for cute overload!   What I love about her is she will customize the clips for you.  For example I wanted a hula girl and the teddy bear that is swimming, well i req specific colors for them and POW she was on it right away…   go on now, go check out her shop and get some super cute clips, she is a complete and utter delight to work with..  (her daughter is too, she is the owner of Howe Cute For You which i have shown on here many times, lol)   anyways you can find the clips HERE

11406999_10152771417557610_8487825800196802811_n 1385599_10152771413567610_2938253622807117612_n

Here is a close up of the stickers for this weeks spread.  It isn’t too late guys, national Doughnut Day is Friday..  In the words of Homer Simpson, “mmmmm doughnuts…”

11406900_10152771413562610_2966954725991671904_n 11377369_10152771413572610_5374841830521927222_n 1

Ok Now for my Business planner…  Now mind you I tend to do a lot of to do boxes in this planner as I usually have a crap ton to do for the yarn business, LOL..  It is light this week as I am only dying clubs right now because of my surgery I had..   Here is my layout for this week, it is also from Caress Press, lol thats kinda funny I chose two of hers…  I added Hello kitty stickers and washi that I have gotten in swaps…  The clips are the ones I always use as they match my business…

22508_10152771413387610_6321809173092030147_n 11406867_10152771413312610_2565968532558806838_n

Here is a close up of her bow to do lists and her to do boxes.  the full and half hello kitty squares were made and printed out on the cameo by my planner buddy in Hawaii, so cute!!!

11406893_10152771413302610_6321352727918586785_n 11406867_10152771413312610_2565968532558806838_n 11402772_10152771413322610_3837248433778605229_n 11401212_10152771413327610_4338981100377689457_n 11351149_10152771413317610_5815977553389139146_n

I am trying to decide on planners for next year.  I am going to get one Erin Condren but I have not figured out what other planner I am going to use yet.  I am thinking of Inkwell Press.  What do you guys think?  Any planner I should check out???

Book Nook!!!

It has been awhile since I have done a book nook.  I can tell you why, LOL  I haven’t been able to soak in the tub until very recently and I think i said before how I always read in the tub, LOL  Well the tub ban has been lifted so let the bubble filled reading time commence, yay!   I have a review of three books for you guys today.  Two are from a series and one is a small fun easy beach read.  I am on Goodreads if you guys are, look me up.  I am listed as Dawn Somerset, I would love more friends on there..    Ok I will start with the super fun easy beach read..


What do you get if you cross the Secret Life of Bees and Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil?  Yeap You get Saving CeeCee Honeycut.  I want to start by saying this is not a novel, or a book full of meat and substance, LOL.  Hoffman starts off with the summer of 1967.  We see a 12 year old CeeCee living in Ohio with her mom and an absent truck driving father.  The book talks of how CeeCee is coping with her mentally ill mother. In her mom’s hay day she was a pagent queen, so in her mentally unstable state she parades around in old prom dresses and wears garish makeup.  Just when CeeCee thinks she cannot handle taking care of her mother any more the unthinkable happens.  There is an awful accident and her mom passes away.  Her father has no parenting skills what so ever, and is always out of town so CeeCee moves to Georgia to live with her Great aunt Tootie.  This is where the story really begins.  You see CeeCee building relationships with her aunt, as well as her new best friend Oletta.  You just can’t help but adore Aunt Tootie, Oletta, Miz Goodpepper and Mrs. Odell these generous, spunky, loveable characters that seem to know just what to do to heal CeeCee’s tender broken heart and help her bloom simply by being themselves. CeeCee adds to their lives, and we see her build a strong circle of trust, love and friendship.   as well to seal a strong circle of friendship.  The book is fun, quirky even if it is somewhat predictable.

I give this one a B+

Next up is a first in a new series for me.  It is part of the reason for me not finishing a lot of books, LOL it is HUGE.  When I got the envelope from booksfree with my books in it i about died, lol  There are three books in this new to me series, and they are all well over 700 pages!  The series is written by Jennifer Donnelly.    I am not sure if the series has a name or not, I don’t think it does, the first is her first book, it is called the Tea Rose.  The 2nd is the Winter rose and the last in the series is  called The wild Rose.


Set in London, England during the late 19th Century, The Tea Rose tells the tale of Fiona Finnegan. Fiona is the spirited, ambitious daughter of an Irish dock worker. She longs to break free from the squalid lanes and alleys of Whitechapel, where she has grown up and now has a job in a tea factory. With the love of her life, Joe Bristow, Fiona dreams of escaping the poverty and opening her own tea shop. But one by one her dreams fall apart as her father is killed in a dock accident, Joe is seduced by another woman, and her mother is viciously murdered – a suspected victim of Jack the Ripper.

Fiona is beyond consolation so she flees to America.  She leaves for other reasons as well, she is saving her and her brothers life. She goes in search of her uncle and aunt in New York.  They left for America and opened a grocery store.  Once they make it to the USA Fiona soon realizes that what she thought was her last lifeline is an anchor that will pull her under.  Her aunt has dies, and her uncle has turned to the bottle.  She finds that he is losing the store and is a drunk.  Fiona makes good on her uncles debts, re opens the grocery, and makes a go of it.  After 10 long years she makes her dreams come true, and they bring her back home to England.  She finds love, gets revenge and comes out on top.  I love the time period, and the historical parts that Donnelly adds to this novel.  The novel is dark and depressing, yet it is a

There are so many twist and turns to this novel, and it always kept me guessing.  I loved all of the characters, and I love how this novel goes through everyone’s lives chapter by chapter, and there were twists that i honestly never saw coming.   I wish I could put more of what happened in this book on this blog but it would give away too much, and I can honestly say pick this one up, it is a great read.  So gripping, and so descriptive.

I give this one an A

Last but not least I finished up the Marie Antoinette series that I was reading.  The last in the series is called Confessions Of Marie Antoinette.  The series if by Juliet Grey


This novel starts in Versailles, 1789.  The revolution has finally reached the palace gates, and for lack of a better term, The shit is about to hit the fan! Once her loyal subjects, the people of France now seek to overthrow the crown, placing the heirs of the Bourbon dynasty in mortal peril. This book is a sad hard read as we all know what happens.  In this novel we see a side of Marie that we really didn’t see in the other two novels.  We see her in her role of mother, and devoted wife.  This novel walks us through her imprisonment as well as her death.  It is a tear jerker, This one was definately not my favorite of the trilogy as it is a heavy read, but I do enjoy how Grey transforms Marie into a human.  We see her shed the childish ideas she came to court with, as well as seeing her in a new light.   This series was a great read, and if you are in to historical fiction with some slight embellishments, then this is a set for you to read.  Grey is an awesome author, and I have to say I really enjoyed this read.  I give the series a B+ over all

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What’s in your planner? planner Wednesday, on a Thursday!!

Hey guys!  Time to get organized!  I wanted to share my layouts for this week with you.  I have two.  One is my family planner and one is my work planner..  I am back to dying yarn and handling my shop, so I have two layouts to share this week.  Lets take a peek eh?

IMG_7355[1]   IMG_7356[1]

Cute enough to give you a toothache huh?  I was totally loving the colors for this week it is bright, fun and really springy.  I created the weekend banner and used stickers from a few different places this week, for this layout I used washi from aliexpress… I love to order planner supplies on that site, budget friendly, BUT it does take awhile to get here..  You can find them by clicking HERE  The Fairies, shrooms, flowers, flags and border sticky along the bottom (that super cute line) all come from a darling little shop on Etsy.  Her shop is called Ellie Beth Designs UK.  I just love her stickers, they come in fun color combos, and they are always shipped fast even though she is over seas..  You can get to her shop by clicking HERE

IMG_7359[1] IMG_7411[1] IMG_7360[1]IMG_7356[1]

A closer peek at all of the cuteness that is my weekly page spread..  As far as my clips for this week I am using one that I made with some cute pink ribbon, and I am using one of the very first clips that I have gotten from Howe Cute 4 You.  Another shop I go to often (even though i can make the clips myself i still buy some from her..super cute, shes a sweetheart and the price is always right, LOL)  She did just start to make stickers.. I think I am going to be in trouble!  Find her on etsy by clicking HERE.   I love to use clips in my planner.. Again I have one marking my month (the bow) and then I have one marking the week (butterfly)

I did change my cover this week.  I am using one that I made on the Erin Condren site.  I used a bunch of the pictures from our Disney trip.. You can find Erin condren by clicking HERE  If you use my link you will get $10 off your purchase.  She does much more than just planners too, check out her fun stuff…

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I love the fact that you can now change covers, I have a few of them now..

I also have a planner that I use for my business.. CUPPYCAKE YARNZ   This one is not as done up as the family planner as I have nothing but to do lists for the business with each step marked out for each skein of yarn that I have to dye… BUT I wanted it to still be fun and cute, LOL   this week I am using stickers that my awesome Planner buddy made me on her cameo, as well as the yarn and flower set from THE STICKY LLAMA  Yeap, again, LOL  I adore her shop on Etsy.  Go check her out if you aren’t familiar with her shop.. FAB FAB FAB

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As you can see its all lists, lol..  That means a lot of work for me, OH NOES!!

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I am using the clips the same way that i do in my family planner.  These two are OLD, lol I made them myself.  One is a cuppycake and one is a yarn ball.  I don’t think I need to tell you why I have both of those in this planner, LOL

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Well there ya go, this week in both of my planners…  How does your week look???

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